Sunday, September 9, 2012

Ownership of a submissive

Alright I'm back work has been crazy and I have been traveling to places that I wish I could talk about. One of the things I hated was that I couldn't train my sub. Finally, I was able to start training her again and she was primed to learn new lessons.

Here is my rule about ownership that my sub has learned and can recite correctly when instructed to. The reader should keep in mind that this rules are specific to full time, lifestyle, Dom/sub roles.

Ownership:    Little girl  will be forever owned and the property of her Owner. She makes no claims to her life, her body, her mind, or her heart. They belong only to her Owner. Owner will love, comfort, protect, provide security, nourishment, dedication, and all things that Little girl needs or wants. Little girl will at all times keep her Owner informed of her location and activities. As a symbol of her Owner's property and a sign of Little girl's life, she is to always wear the collar of her Owner's. Her Owner is always with her no matter how far away or how close he is, Little girl is always in her Owner's heart and on his mind.

Let me clarify a couple of items here. Dedication, this doesn't mean Owner will never have another submissive. No. An Owner/Dominate may and should have as many submissives as he wishes. But the dedication comes into play where the Owner should dedicate time into training and caring for his subs. There is no benefit to owning a sub and not molding her and training her to be the best sub she is capable of being.

Now some may find it micromanaging of the sub to require her to inform her Owner of location and activities. This part of the rule does not keep my submissive from going out and doing things that she would like. My sub may go and do as she wishes as long as she has asked permission and informed her Owner of what she will be doing. This actually builds trust in and helps to develop the dependence of the sub on her Owner.

Ownership of a submissive is not as easy as one may think. The Owner takes on the responsibility of the life of the submissive. An Owner thinks for, provides for, and molds the submissive to be better. When complete ownership is taken, the submissive's life actually becomes easier. she is to do only as commanded and follow the rules/instructions set by the Owner.

Oh but the benefits of a well trained submissive makes all the hard work and time spent so worth it. The pleasure an Owner gets from simplely issuing a command and watching his submissive immediately, and in all humbleness, obey the command and honor her Owner in everything she does. When the sub comes to understand and know that she is the property of her Owner and everything she does is for him, she actually finds complete freedom in her life.


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